Before - after: Some application examples

If the vehicle or the surface to be cleaned is roughly clean, not everything necessarily has to be washed. With 4in1clean, rain streaks and insects can be removed in between and partially. Plastic parts such as refrigerator ventilation grilles, wheel arches, white silicone seals etc. can also be cleaned easily.  

... simply spray on, wipe off with a terry cloth cloth ... done! Then rub with a dry terry cloth. The wax content seals the previously cleaned surface and prevents it from becoming dirty again quickly.

The 4in1clean even removes brake dust from the rims effortlessly. Motorbikes and boats of all kinds can also be cleaned quickly without much effort. 4in1clean can also be used in the household (garden furniture, outdoor shutters, garden gates...) and in trade.

The consistency of 4in1clean is similar to water, so it does not scratch surfaces! If the entire vehicle needs cleaning, 4in1clean can also be used for washing by simply adding a shot to the wash water!

For sensitive surfaces, always apply diluted first and gradually approach (e.g. for decorative strips or on older vehicles). With proper use, you will have great pleasure with this product and realize that it is unique in its kind. 

Thus only one thing remains to be said.... 
Spray.... wipe & away!